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Fire Rated Doors
Fire Protection

Firetec Rated Doors

Firetec International Ltd in Nairobi, Kenya offer Fire Doors, and Fire Rated Doors of various Sizes, Finishes, with a Fire Rating of up to 120 minutes and with a range of handing options.

Fire Safety Training
Fire Protection

Fire safety training

We’ve all done it – the fire alarms go off and you turn to your workmates and roll your eyes. Just another false alarm. Like you haven’t got enough to do without having to traipse out to the carpark for some pointless fire drill, right?

Steps To Protect Your Business From Fire
Fire Protection

Steps to protect your business

Is your business fire safe? Are you confident that you are taking every possible precaution against fire breaking out.

Fire Fighting Equipment
Fire Protection

Firetec Fire Fighting Equipment

We stock and supply a wide range of Fire Fighting Equipment and Fire Safety Equipment E.g. Fire Extinguishers, Hose Reels, Delivery Hoses, Fire Equipment Cabinets, Landing Valves, Breeching Inlet Valves, Fire Hydrants, Fire Blankets etc.

Fire Sprinkler Systems
Fire Protection

Firetec Sprinkler Systems

A properly installed and functioning Fire Sprinkler System is critical to protecting your industrial facility. Contact Firetec International Ltd for commercial and industrial fire sprinkler systems installation.

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