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Have an Empty FM200 cylinder?

Firetec International Limited is introducing UL Approved Gas Refilling Station in Nairobi for the line of FM-200 and suppression systems.


We are happy to introduce our new band “FLAMMA” for Extinguishers & Valves


Firetec International Limited is now partnered with PROTECTA for the best Firestopping Systems and solution in Market.

We provide a wide selection of doors to meet the needs of our customers and their property. All fire doors are made to the latest international specifications which ensure a high degree of protection for all properties.

Fire Rated Doors

We supply steel doors that combine fire resistance with functionality without compromising any aspect of either. These steel doors types reduce the spread of fire and enable safe egress, in addition to offering the highest degree of compartmentalization.

Rolling Shutters

They are manually operated shutters are installed with the latest spring systems available on the market which ensures that even large shutters can be lifted with minimal effort.

Fire Curtain

A passive fire safety measure curtain that activates in case of a fire, creating a fire-resistant barrier that guards and separates a section of a building from fire damage. It prevents spreading fire from one area to another.

Timber Doors

A fire door is a type of door, or closure used as a passive fire protection item within buildings to prevent the spread of fire. They are designed to meet the life-safety requirements in various types of buildings and structures that are compartmentalized to contain the spread of fire, these doors complement existing passive fire-fighting systems.

Wood Finished Doors

We offer a wide range of wood finished steel doors to suit various customer needs.

13 years of experience in fire protection

We’re here to help you plan tailored fire safety systems that are configurable, scalable, and automated.